Our services include maintaining accounting records for small to medium businesses. We currently provide Accounting Services to a number of clients which include processing their necessary ledgers through a reputable accounting package. Modules include the General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Inventory Control, Multi Currency, Purchase Order and Cash Books.

While you may have your own existing systems in house we have the expertise to review these on a monthly basis and prepare monthly management reports consisting of an income statement, 

balance sheet and debtor’s age analysis. This includes a report on the month and year to date financial results with recommendations and comparison to budgets (if applicable).


We make use of a popular Salaries and Wages system and would be happy to perform the processing of your salaries and/or wages from start to finish.

This includes making payment of salaries and attending to all other returns, including PAYE, UIF, pensions, etc. should the need arise.

Alternatively we are able review the payroll that is processed in house by your existing staff. Our services include compliance with the bi-annual returns required by SARS.


Tax Services

As well as providing tax services to our accounting clients, we also provide assistance to individual clients for their personal income tax returns. This includes assistance with provisional tax returns.

Our services in the day to day management of taxation requirements include:

Income Tax

We manage the income tax process from start to finish.


We manage all returns, monthly and annual, relating to staff, including PAYE, UIF and the issuing of IRP 5’s.


We would undertake the preparation of all the necessary VAT returns, and submit these to SARS.

Body Corporate Administration

We currently manage a portfolio of 80 + buildings, including some commercial properties. Details of the services we offer are listed below. We pride ourselves in going that extra mile for our clients and making sure all their requirements are met.

The services we offer are as follows:


We operate separate and independent banking accounts for each client…

This facilitates closer control and independence of the Body Corporates cash resources.  In addition to us having immediate access to our account our clients benefit from reduced costs emanating through use of Electronic Banking.

Where required, a bank statement direct from online banking can be made available.

Fees & Collections

Our fee structure is primarily based on the number of units…

…with additional charges for specific functions which are outside the normal day-to-day scope of our management function.We believe that our fees are competitive given the level of service we strive to provide.


We will attend to all requirements in terms of Sectional Title Act, including maintenance of appropriate registers, minutes, books etc….

In addition we will co-ordinate Statutory and other General Meetings, as may be deemed necessary.

We will attend such meetings, record minutes thereof and provide advice thereon, as may be appropriate. We will attend Trustee Meetings on request, should the need arise


We will in consultation with our Insurance Broker, undertake an annual review of insurance cover…

…and submit proposals as deemed appropriate.

In addition, we will undertake the processing of insurance claims for the recovery of claimable losses incurred.

Investment Management

We will in consultation with the Trustees, agree on an appropriate investment policy…

…Given these guidelines we will invest all excess funds to ensure both growth and security of investments. In this regard, emphasis will be placed on security of investment.


We have, over the past years, established contacts with a number of reputable contractors…

…in the fields of plumbing, electrical and general maintenance. Should you need any assistance, we will make these resources available to our Body Corporate clients.

In addition, we will, if required, co-ordinate the calling for and awarding of Tenders for “Major” maintenance items which may arise from time to time.

Given our size we are able to be in personal contact with trustees on a regular basis and as such will be able to gain intimate knowledge of the Body Corporate’s needs.

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